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La Paz Waterfalls Gardens

Tasteless and odorless, covering nearly three-quarters of our planet and over half the substance of the human body, water might be considered mundane, yet it never ceases to amaze us, especially when cascading over a mountainside and tumbling into gurgling streams below. Waterfalls are among the most beautiful natural phenomenon of the earth.

La Paz Waterfall Gardens, just an hour away from San Jose, affords breathtaking views of five different waterfalls along paths that are easy to navigate.

There is so much to see that you’ll probably want to plan to spend the entire day here. Bring a picnic lunch or eat a traditional Costa Rican meal at one of the onsite restaurants.

Their website indicates they receive an average Read more

Most Important

There are so many challenges to ex-pat living: language barriers, unfamiliar laws and customs, new foods, different weather, strange critters, but the biggest challenge can be living far away from loved ones. Maybe your parents are long gone, your children are grown and moved away from what was once home, and friends you grew up with have scattered to the four winds. But still, you have left “home.”

Sure, you have plenty to keep you busy in your new home. You are making progress with the language, fewer cars honk at you, and you have acquired your favorites in local dining. But still, every now and then nostalgia creeps in and wraps around your thoughts, tugging you back to a Read more

Vaccination Requirements

Planning a foreign trip is normally all fun. It’s fun to plan day trips, excursions and hotel stays.

The one fly in the ointment is the prospect of vaccinations. Needles are nobody’s friend and foreign travel seems to bring us in to contact with too many of them.

But should you be planning a trip to Costa Rica, fear no more!

Visitors arriving from the US are not legally required to obtain injections or vaccinations before arriving here; it’s official.

High fives all round for Costa Rica.

Even better you don’t need to worry about taking malaria pills either. Take it from me, this is good news – the list of possible side effects from anti-malarial drugs are almost as Read more

Precolumbian Gold Museum

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Central America is steeped in history. It’s seen the rise and fall of empires and is home to some of the most recognizable historical sites in the world.

Costa Rica shares in this heritage and has no shortage of attractions for those interested in learning more about pre-Columbian history.

One place that history buffs visiting Costa Rica should not miss is the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum in San José.

Art in Gold

Located on the first floor of the Plaza de la Cultura, the Precolumbian Gold Museum consists of over 1500 gold artifacts created between 500 AD and 1500 AD.

Forget Fort Knox and its boring inventory of uniform gold bricks. This radiant collection which represents 1000 years of Costa Rican Read more

Playa Manuel Antonio – Costa Rica’s Sandy Jewel

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With a name like Costa Rica (or ‘Rich Coast”), it’s not surprising that this country is draped with amazing beaches that tempt visitors from far and wide. White sanded, sundrenched coastline adorns the country from north to south, so it’s surely not unexpected that one of these beaches was voted into the Top 25 Best Beaches in the World?

Located in the tiny Manuel Antonio National Park on the western side of Costa Rica, Playa Manuel Antonio is probably going to ruin the perception of every other beach that you’ll ever visit.

Internationally Renowned

The forest surrounding the beach is home to one of the most diverse ecosystems in Central America. It’s not uncommon to see monkeys, sloths or tropical Read more

Banana Recipe

You know you shouldn’t go shopping when you’re hungry, and you know what will happen if you do. You’ll wind up buying significantly more food that what’s on your list, and much of the extras will be snack food, items that don’t require any prep. You can just munch on them in the car on the way home. Or if you’re really hungry, while you’re still in the grocery check-out line.

Well, a similar thing happens if you sit down to write a blog and you’re hungry. You start looking for recipes. So, while that banana on the table was a little past its prime, and I wasn’t in the mood for banana bread, it lead me to this new Read more

Tin Jo – San Jose Restaurant

This week we shine our spotlight on the highly-recommended Asian restaurant Tin Jo, located in the heart of beautiful downtown San José on Calle 11, between Avenues 6 and 8. You may want to dine there after spending the day at any of the local museums or theaters. Or your schedule may favor stopping in for lunch before your afternoon’s events. Just remember they’ll be closed for siesta mid-afternoon every day except Sunday.

Candlelight and romance

But if it’s Wednesday night, you’re in for a treat, because Wednesday night is the night for romantic candlelit dining. Inspired by “Earth Hour,” they’ve decided to do it each Wednesday. You’ll hear soft background music but no television or even cell phones and Read more

Arenal Volcano – Costa Rica

Volcanoes hold a mixed dread/fascination relationship throughout history. For the highly adventuresome, a visit to an active volcano might be just the ticket. But to the more cautious, a visit to a sleeping volcano might be more attractive. Arenal Volcano National Park is about a five-hour drive northwest of San José, or less than two hours east of Cañas via a beautiful drive around Laguna de Arenal.

Forty-six years ago this week, Arenal surprised everyone by erupting suddenly and violently, burying nearby villages of Tabacón, Pueblo Nuevo and San Luís, killing 87 residents. The volcano became the country’s most active, regularly spewing smoke and lava for the next four decades. Activity has slowed down significantly since 2010 and the National Read more

Medical Tourism – Costa Rica

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Often tourists, when planning their trip to Costa Rica, think of the beautiful sandy beaches, lots of sunscreen and drinks with little paper umbrellas. But a new type of tourist is arriving in Costa Rica with increasing frequency: Medical tourist.

Outrageous health care costs in many countries, along with a veritable book of rules and regulations limiting that health care, are inspiring many to pursue medical tourism – traveling to another country for the main purpose of receiving health care in the destination country that they either couldn’t get or couldn’t afford in their own country.

Due to the excellent quality of care in Costa Rica and the affordable prices and the reasonable travel distance, Costa Rica is becoming a Read more

Oh, Beans! – Coffee Tours Costa Rica

We’ve entered into the rainy season now, a.k.a. “winter,” evidently a word with multiple meanings because Costa Rican winter looks nothing like story-book winter. But the fact remains, it’s the rainy season. The forecast varies between “scattered thunderstorms” and “thunderstorms.” But this also means the harvest is complete and we decided to look into coffee tours Costa Rica style. If I told you this had nothing to do with the fact that I just ran out of Costa Rican Arabica coffee, I’d be lying.

Coffee Tours Costa Rica

To start out your search, here are a few of the many farms offering tours:

Britt Coffee Tour

Café Milagro/Finca Rosa Blanca

Café Monteverde

Doka Estate


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