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Destination Weddings

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If your idea of a perfect wedding is on the beach at sunset, you’ve come to the right place. Costa Rica is a highly affordable spot for destination weddings and there are plenty of venues that are ready to make this most important day of your life a perfect one. Villa Punto de Vista, just outside of Manuel Antonio, is one such location. Villa Punto de Vista is an intimate, private beachside resort. The only guests at the entire resort for your wedding will be your guests. The Villa will be your private home. This includes the beach as well. Between the Main Villa and the Entry Cottage there are ten rooms which can accommodate up to 27 guests.

Sunsets Read more

El Torito

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Since nearly one out of ten residents of Costa Rica were not born here, you won’t be surprised to learn that the culture of Costa Rica is widely varied also. But if you want to explore something with a flair of true Costa Rican origin, take in a performance of the dance “El Torito.” It does have Spanish roots in that it is based on the bullfights, the men portray the bull and the women portray the fighter, dancing with red scarves that they wave in front of the men as the men try to get close to the women. Though modern dress on the streets is the same here as any American or European cities, the woman’s traditional dress Read more

Cuisine – Hot or Not?

Some people like their food extra spicy. In the States there’s even a sauce called “Mo Hotta, Mo Betta.” There are contests for how hot you can cook or eat. Personally, I think they’re masochistic. I like flavor, I don’t like pain.

So I was thrilled to discover the typical Costa Rican cuisine is more middle of the road. Sure you can find any kind of food, especially in the larger cities where all sorts of ethnic restaurants entice hungry patrons. But your common, everyday dishes do not ring any fire alarms.

Rice and beans, the main staples of most of the world, are also found everywhere in Costa Rica, in every meal, including breakfast. But once you start exploring Read more


As we’re heading into the rainy season you may have mixed emotions about it. Some are sad to see the end of the dry season where you knew every day would be perfect, but now you need to be prepared for rain every day because you know it will come at some point. Others are thankful for the rain, knowing it’s part of the cycle that keeps us going. No matter how you feel about it, you may want to know that Liberia, in the northwest part of the country, has a reputation for being a little drier than average for the country. Due to its geography, the rain is a little easier on Liberia. So if you decide to Read more

Feria Verde

You might like to sleep in on Saturday mornings, but in San Jose there is the best reason to get up early. At the outdoor market of Feria Verde you will find some of the finest and tastiest food produced right here in Costa Rica.

Local organic farmers take farming to the next level. Their produce is not only fresh, local and organic, but it’s also sustainably produced, meaning they use methods that don’t deplete the soil and don’t create excess unusable waste. Sustainability ensures the continued success of these organic farmers and supporting them means supporting your future food supply. And because it’s organic, it is naturally better for your health. You know there are no dangerous chemicals or Read more

Price Smart in San Jose

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After I moved to Costa Rica one of the things I missed the most was the abundant supply of Costcos and Sam’s Clubs that we have in the states. In Costa Rica you can find a ton of mom and pop stores and at most of these can find all most everything you want, but what happens when you don’t what to travel to four different stores to go grocery shopping? Or what if there is an item that you just have not been able to find anywhere else.

In San Jose you can find your one stop shop called Price Smart. Just like Costco or Sam’s Club you need a membership to shop there and just like them it Read more

Tips for Success in Costa Rica

Not everyone can make it work in Costa Rica. Any foreigner that has spent a number of years will attest to that fact. Hundreds of people dream of retiring to this lovely country, but not all manage to make that dream a reality.

Here are some tips for success in Costa Rica:

Keep an open mind. Be flexible, things will be different here. Find a new hobby that takes advantage of what Costa Rica has to offer. Find a good doctor. Excellent and affordable health care make Costa Rica ideal. Don’t walk around alone at night, avoid hanging out at bars. Keep up with events at home either through TV or the Internet. Learn about the Costa Rican culture. Read Read more

Buying a House in Costa Rica

Buying a house in Costa Rica can be a bit overwhelming. If you are looking to settle down or at least have a nice vacation home in Costa Rica, there are a few things you need to do first. Even though ownership of land is protected by the law for locals and foreigners alike, it is good to contact the Costa Rican Chamber of Realtors, or AMCHA, as they have a great reputation for being honest. The Association of Residents in San Jose and a trust worthy lawyer are also great assets, as they can guide you through the process of obtaining land.

Deciding where to settle is a whole other issue. The province of San Jose is one of Read more

Real Estate in Costa Rica

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Let’s face it: Costa Rica has been and will continue to be one of the hottest markets for real estate in Central and South America for a long time. And why not? People are attracted to Costa Rica for various reasons, including its fantastic warm climate, beautiful sandy beaches and lush tropical rain forest.

In addition, when it comes to real estate in Costa Rica, foreigners have the same rights as locals and enjoy the same protection from the stable Costa Rican government. The locals and the foreigners mix, sharing cultures and land. The Costa Ricans, called Ticos, enjoy the “pura vida” or pure life, and help the foreigners to do the same.

Many real estate companies focus on a Read more

Make Money and Travel Full-Time

Chris Guillebeau is the mastermind behind “The Art of Non-Conformity,” an online blog that touches on unconventional strategies for life, work, and travel. He shows you how it is possible to make money and travel full-time. He is also a friend of this traveling gringo. Chris is an amazing character who has spent time the last ten years self-employed, four of them in West Africa as a volunteer aid worker.

Chris has also developed a series of Unconventional Guides and other informational products. These will be available for purchase and expound upon the topics he regularly tackles on his blog: Life, Work and Travel.

The Unconventional Guide to Working for Yourself is an authoritative look at being self-employed. Read more